The Unchart - 4th May 2014 by Unchart on Mixcloud

The Unchart was born from a few messages sitting in one of Jamieís inboxes, from enthusiastic musicians who he thought more than deserved to be heard when he was given his own show on Off The Chart Radio (OTC). Since then, over 500,000 votes have been cast for nearly 200 featured acts! When OTC ceased broadcasting in early 2014, Jamie decided that five years of Unchart history could not be lost, and so the Unchart continues on this site, its new home for a SIXTH year of incredible music. Polls open on Sundays at 11:30pm after each show is uploaded, and close on Saturdays at 11:30pm. Each week, the votes are counted to decide who will remain in the Top 5 (the act with the lowest votes leaves the Unchart). The polls are reset to zero each Sunday, so remember to vote every week to keep your favourite band/artist in the Top 5! Jamieís passion for music started when he was pushed around festivals in a pram at a very early age. He is a physicist by (week)day, but by night (and occasionally in the day) he can often be seen and heard playing violin/fiddle with a number of local bands (some of whom have been on The Unchart). Here, Jamie presents the show he would want to listen to himself: a handpicked diversity of tracks showing off the musicianship of signed and unsigned acts. Sometimes, the quality of the unsigned music Jamie is being sent is so high that - if you didnít know any better - itíd be difficult to tell signed and unsigned apart. This is the basis for The Unchart: itís the chart that could be, a chart with no fixed genre, driven entirely by your votes!
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Maybe Tomorrow
4th - 11th May 2014
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The Unchart will return! Jamie’s work/life/radio balance has swung towards the first two in recent months...but you can still catch all of the past shows on Mixcloud, so if you missed any, now’s your chance to catch up! Also, if you’re missing our former home (Off The Chart Radio), then visit the Our Tale Continues  site, which is a radio guide to where you can hear many of the DJs, either on live shows on radio stations around the country, or online podcasts (like The Unchart). You can catch all of Jamie’s previous live Off The Chart Radio shows, including previous Uncharts originally broadcast on Off The Chart Radio, at